sábado, abril 11, 2009

Deadwood's gems... {#2}

«I'm drunk. Correct. What the fuck is it to you?»

«Reverend H.W. Smith: When I read the Scriptures, I do not feel Christ's love as I used to.
Calamity Jane: Aw, is that so? That is too bad! Join the fuckin' club of most of us!»

«E.B. Farnum: Be brief.
Calamity Jane: Be fucked!»

«Calamity Jane: Maybe I will have a fuckin' drink, for sociability's sake and 'cause I'm a fuckin' drunk.
Joanie Stubbs: What's your preference?
Calamity Jane: That it ain't been previously swallowed.»

«I don't drink where I'm the only fuckin' one with balls!»

Calamity Jane no seu melhor... Ou aqui.

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